Google Removes BitSlide App From the Play Store

Google Banned Apps

BitSlide, an unofficial Android app for the video hosting platform BitChute, was removed from the Google Play Store for violating Google’s “User Generated Content” policy. At the time of this writing, at least one of the offending videos cited by Google has been available for over a year on YouTube, a video publishing site owned by Google, without so much as an adult content notice.

Google has suspended the @bitslide_app from their play store. If there is a legitimate issue then hopefully changes can be made and it can once again be made available, it’s also possible this is anti-competitive behavior. In either case it will available to side load.

– BitChute (@bitchute) 17 Dec 2020

BitSlide considered several solutions in order to get the app reinstated, including removing the entire category of videos that Google complained about. However, Styxhexenhammer666 (the largest BitChute user at the time) pointed out what what Google was really up to and offered the only viable solution:

[…] after explicitly searching that category I could not find anything obscene there. Google downed your app for political reasons and is extremely unlikely to restore it regardless of what you do.

Clone the code, make a new app, ask creators to promote it.

The APK file (which is essentially an Android app in a file) was made available for “side-loading” (a method of app installation that does not involve a trusted third party such as the app store). BitChute hosted the APK which is available for download here.

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