Minds Reduces App Functionality to Avoid Google Play Suspension

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Google threatened the free-speech platform Minds with removal from the Play Store due to the app hosting what Google deemed to be controversial content. In order to avoid being removed from the Play Store, Minds had to significantly reduce their mobile app functionality. The CEO Bill Ottman explained:

Google Play sent Minds a 24 hour warning. Our response app was accepted into the store based on our interim solution and ninja developers, but we had to remove major functionality from that version of the app. We did the same on iOS for obvious reasons. What is happening on the internet with major providers is fueling the cultural divide as much as anything. […] We had to remove search, discovery and comments. I know. We aren’t happy and will be working towards something better. […]

– Bill Ottman (@ottman) 15 Jan 2021

This happened about a week after Google, Apple and Amazon deplatformed the alternative social media site Parler for similar reasons.

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