Google Disables Jordan Peterson's Account

Google Suspended Dr. Jordan Peterson

Google disabled Jordan Peterson’s gmail account, without warning or explanation, leaving him with heavily restricted access (if any at all) to various Google services. His account was reinstated several hours later after the suspension gained significant attention.

Google is refusing to reinstate my account. Violation of terms of service. No explanation given.

– Jordan B Peterson (@jordanbpeterson) 1 Aug 2017

I cannot post new YouTube videos, including last week’s Biblical lecture. No access. At least – for now – the videos are still up.

– Jordan B Peterson (@jordanbpeterson) 1 Aug 2017

This suspension coincided with Jordan Peterson releasing his extremely popular Biblical lectures as well as the “diversity memo” controversy with james Demore.

A couple years later, this event achieved a new level of significance after Google whisleblower Zach Vorhies suggested that Peterson’s account could have been suspended due to bad actors exploiting one of Google’s spam prevention algorithms. He said this was possibly the same mechanism that caused Tulsi Gabbard’s sudden suspension from Google Ads after the first Democratic debate.

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