Google Bans Gab From the Play Store, Again

Google Banned Apps

Google removed the Gab Android app from the Play Store one week after they demanded that Gab censor content that Gab couldn’t even censor if they wanted to.

Google just banned the Gab app.

You can get the exact same app, which works with our server, here:

Or here:

Google’s playing checkers.

We already won the chess match. [image]

– (@getongab) 19 Jul 2019

In a statement given to Breitbart, Gab founder Andrew Torba said:

Google has banned Gab’s decentralized and open-source mobile app from their Google Play Store, claiming that it has “non-compliant user-generated content such as hate speech.” The Gab android app contains no user content. It is effectively a web browser that allows anyone to connect to any one of the thousands of decentralized microblogging servers, Gab included. So by Google’s own standards, the Google Chrome web browser is also violating their user-generated content policy.

This is the second time Gab has had their Android app removed from the Google Play Store. The first time this happened was back in August 2017 when Gab refused to comply with demands for censorship that were at least possible to comply with. This time, however, they could not have complied with the censorship demands from Google even if they wanted to since Gab doesn’t control the so-called “objectionable” content in question.

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