Gab Launches GabTV (a YouTube Alternative)

YouTube AltTech Growth

Andrew Torba, the CEO of Gab, announced the launch of a new alternative YouTube platform called GabTV:

Today Gab is excited to announce the launch of GabTV, a free speech video sharing platform. GabTV offers The People an alternative to tyrannical Big Tech platforms and legacy media outlets that have been working to silence any and all dissent from the “approved” narratives of the establishment oligarchs.

Torba also touched on the business model of GabTV and how the company intends to respect users’ privacy (much unlike YouTube):

Our goal is to provide a platform for content of the highest quality from the best independent creators on the internet. Our business model is to sell our valuable video hosting and distribution service to creators rather than track, censor, and data-mine users like our competitors.

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