Facebook, Twitter Ban The Anti-Media

Facebook Twitter Banned

Facebook and Twitter permanently banned The Anti-Media, an independent media outlet, as part of a widespread purge of political groups and pages. Their Facebook page had over 2.1 million followers, and their six year old Twitter account had nearly 48k followers.

Our @facebook page with over 2.1 million followers has been unpublished, along with over 800 other pages and accounts. The purge of alt-media is upon us.

– Anti-Media (@AntiMedia) 11 Oct 2018

Holy shit. The Anti-Media’s Page was just removed from Twitter. So Twitter and Facebook are coordinating this.

I know this literally just happened because they RT’ed me an hour ago.

– Ford Fischer (@FordFischer) 11 Oct 2018

On this same day, Twitter also banned Carey Wedler, the editor-in-chief of The Anti-Media.

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