Facebook Removes Video of Kyle Rittenhouse Helping Injured Protestor

Facebook Content Removed Restricted Kyle Rittenhouse Mark Dice

Media analyist Mark Dice posted a video on Facebook of Kyle Rittenhouse helping an injured protestor in Kenosha, WI. Facebook removed this post, gave Mark a community guidelines strike, and restricted his page since Facebook deemed this as “praise” or “support” for someone on their “dangerous individuals” list:

We don’t allow symbols, praise or support of dangerous individuals or organizations on Facebook.

Mark responded with the following on Twitter:

In no way did I “glorify” or celebrate him, nor “praise” him. I simply posted a non-graphic video, and stated as a matter of fact what it showed. He helped a protester who was injured and didn’t show up in Kenosha with any malicious intent to cause trouble.

– Mark Dice (@MarkDice) 2 Sep 2020

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