Facebook Proactively Works With FBI Regarding the Capitol Riot

Facebook Government FBI Involvement US Capitol Riot Privacy

Facebook proactively worked with law enforcement by preserving and providing the account data of users who were at the US capitol riot. A couple later, it was discovered that the company was even handing over the private messages of those users as well. As Thomas Brewster reported for Forbes:

Despite attempts to play down the use of Facebook amongst Capitol Hill rioters, the social media giant is furnishing the feds with data on users who took part in the siege, including their private messages, after calls from lawmakers to do so.

In a criminal complaint filed against New York resident Christopher M. Kelly on Wednesday, a search warrant on his Facebook account was revealed. After being tipped off about Facebook posts from an account belonging to Kelly containing images of him at the storming of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, the FBI sought his private messages, as well as his linked IP address, phone number and Gmail address.

Amongst the data provided by Facebook were private messages with other users. […]

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