Facebook Demotes What They "Predict May Be Misinformation" About Election

Facebook Instagram Policy Decisions Government US Election 2020

Facebook placed additional restrictions on the free flow of information in regards to the election. This began with a spokesperson telling Forbes that Facebook would be restricting content that their “systems predict may be misinformation.” Breitbart reported:

The spokesperson told Forbes that Facebook would be taking a number of actions including “demotions for content on Facebook and Instagram that our systems predict may be misinformation, including debunked claims about voting” and “limiting the distribution of Live videos that may relate to the election on Facebook.”

Addtionally, the New York Times reported hearing from two anonymous sources that Facebook would be adding “more friction” to all election related conversation. Reclaim The Net reported:

This means that more clicks will be required to navigate such content – likely with the goal of discouraging users from sharing posts. The insertion of extra clicks is referred to as adding more friction – and sounds like the exact opposite of good user experience.

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