Facebook Classifies Rittenhouse Self-Defense Shooting as "Mass Murder"

Facebook Instagram Policy Decisions Banned Kyle Rittenhouse

Brian Fishman, the head of Counter Terrorism and Dangerous Organizations at Facebook, posted a thread on Twitter stating that Facebook classified the Kyle Rittenhouse shooting as “a mass murder” and removed Kyle Rittenhouse’s accounts from both Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, he announced that any “praise and support” of Kyle Rittenhouse would be censored:

I have a brief thread on the tragic shootings in Kenosha, based on findings from FB’s initial internal investigation. 1/n

Yesterday we designated the shooting as a mass murder and removed the shooter’s accounts from Facebook & Instagram. Per standard practice in these situations, we are also removing praise and support of the shooter and have also blocked searches of his name on our platforms. 2/n

– Brian Fishman (@brianfishman) 27 Aug 2020

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