Facebook Blocks Links to Brighteon

Facebook Content Removed COVID-19

Facebook started blocking the ability for users to share links to Brighteon.com (a video hosting site) and NaturalNews. From Reclaim The Net:

As of the time of writing, trying to link to any video on Brighteon results in the following message:

This came shortly after the “Plandemic” documentary, which was scrubbed from several major platforms, including Facebook, went viral on Brighteon.

Sources / Relevant Material

  1. Natural News "After "Plandemic" video goes super viral on Brighteon.com, Facebook bans all Brighteon links, regardless of content" by Mike Adams (20 May 2020)
  2. Reclaim The Net "Facebook bans users from linking to YouTube alternative Brighteon after it hosted Judy Mikovits Plandemic doc" by Fabrizio Bulleri (22 May 2020)