Facebook Bans Robinhood Stock Traders Group (Reinstated)

Facebook Banned Oops!

Facebook banned the Robinhood Stock Traders group, the largest community of Robinhood traders on Facebook, for “adult sexual exploitation” violations. The group had a number of members who were participating in the coordinated short squeezing efforts of the r/wallstreetbets sub-reddit. Reuters reported:

Allen Tran, a 23-year-old from Chicago who created Robinhood Stock Traders, said he woke up on Wednesday to a notification that Facebook had disabled the 157,000-member group. The notification, seen by Reuters, said without detail that the group violated policies on “adult sexual exploitation”.

“We were first on the picking tree to be cut off because we are on Facebook, not a free platform like Reddit,” said Tran, referring to the typically lighter moderation on the discussion website.

The group was reinstated about a day later without an explanation from Facebook. Reuters also noted that the group had mistakenly been suspended and labelled a “dangerous organisation” earlier in the month.

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