Facebook Bans Lyndon Perry (I,Hypocrite)

Facebook Banned Lyndon Perry

Facebook banned Lyndon Perry, the founder and operator of I,Hypocrite, and sole admin for the I,Hypocrite Facebook page. While Facebook did not give a specific reason for disabling his account, they did offer an intrusive appeal process. Speaking to BigTech.fail, Perry said:

This account is the only admin on the I,Hypocrite page, so that page is now floating in limbo, unable to be managed.

They did not give a reason, but an option to appeal, which then required me to upload a photo of myself and copy of driver’s license.

After doing so, Facebook said that reviewing the information would take longer to review than normal “due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.” Three days later, Perry’s account was suddenly reinstated, except his admin capabilities for I,Hypocrite were disabled.

A restriction placed on his account said he would be “restricted from creating Pages” for the next three months. He received from Facebook “no email, no message, no notification, nothing.”

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