Facebook Bans Ford Fischer (Reinstated)

Facebook Banned Ford Fischer

Facebook banned journalist Ford Fischer for no reason and without giving an explanation:

I am a journalist, verified on Facebook. Today I spent the entire day covering various armed groups throughout Louisville.

As I just finished a livestream, I tried to log in and it appears @Facebook deleted my account.

–Ford Fischer (@FordFischer) 5 Sep 2020

His Facebook account was reinstated about 24 hours later along with the ability to “republish” his page:

Total victory!

Thank you so much to everybody who spent the past 24 hours complaining to Facebook.

It appears that (without any sort of notification) my account was restored.

My page was “unpublished” but it looks like that will be a one-click fix.

This is people power.

–Ford Fischer (@FordFischer) 5 Sep 2020

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