Apple Removes the New York Times App From China's App Store

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Throughout December 2016, the New York Times was compiling data and preparing reports on the billions of dollars in subsidies and perks that the Chinese government gives to Foxconn (Apple’s largest iPhone producer).

On December 23rd, a NYT reporter reached out to Apple and the Chinese government for comment. Shortly afterwards, Apple said that they would be removing the New York Times app from the Chinese App Store.

Quoting the NYT article:

In the weeks leading up to the withdrawal of the Times apps, The Times was working on various articles related to the Chinese government. One of them, posted online on Dec. 29, revealed the billions of dollars in hidden perks and subsidies that the Chinese government provides to the world’s biggest iPhone factory. China is also one of Apple’s largest iPhone markets, though sales in that region have slowed.

On Dec. 23, David Barboza, a Times reporter, spoke with members of Apple’s media team about the article. Mr. Barboza had previously been in touch with the iPhone factory owner, Foxconn. He had also contacted the Chinese government as part of his reporting.

Later that day, a separate team from Apple informed The Times that the apps would be removed…

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